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Toilet sign - ellipticalThey have a double adhesive tape on the back for fastening..
Ex Tax:3.00лв.
Toilet sign - ellipticalThey have a double adhesive tape on the back for fastening..
Ex Tax:3.00лв.
Toilet sign - square..
Ex Tax:4.17лв.
 Laptop keyboard stickers US and BDS
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Laptop keyboard stickers US + BDS / Cyrillic. The stickers are made of black, matte, 50 micron car foil...
Ex Tax:3.75лв.
Bag with the stamp "National Assembly"Material - cotton..
Ex Tax:5.00лв.
Plaque for marriage or marriage anniversary made of transparent Plexiglas on which there is a direct full color print...
Ex Tax:20.83лв.
Car reminder sticker that will help you never miss the annual obligations to your car. Write the deadline and stick it in the cabin in a convenient and visible place for you. Every time you start the car you can easily and quickly check the validity of a vignette, GTP, GO or motor hull. The special ..
Ex Tax:8.33лв.
Coin Coin
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Made by special 3D technology separator for coins with a face value of BGN 2 to 5 stotinki. It can be made in different colors. Material - polylactic acid...
Ex Tax:6.00лв.
Made by laser cutting of 3mm thick plywood and direct full color printing. Different types suitable for home decoration, or a festive event, as well as a gift. The price is for one piece. *The vase is an accessory and is not for sale...
Ex Tax:4.00лв.
Family tree for photos. Size of the panel: 46x38 cm. Size of the photos 10x7 cm.In the heart of the tree we can engrave text or make a full color print of a message of your choice!Material: natural plywood 3mm.Technology: laser cutting and engraving + full color printing..
Ex Tax:30.00лв.
Fridge magnet, which is made of transparent plexiglass with a thickness of 3 mm with full color printing and magnetic tape on the back...
Ex Tax:2.08лв.
The dump is your elegant and polite way to collect the paid bill in your restaurant, without the money being imposed on the surrounding customers.It is made of 100% natural plywood with a thickness of 3 mm, by laser cutting and gluing. Possibility for engraving and direct full color printing of the ..
Ex Tax:33.33лв.
Lighting fixtures are an important accent in any room. Lighting solutions are suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, children's room, as well as office, hallway, lobby bar, shop and boutique hotel. The lamps are made of double-sided veneered MDF with a thickness of 4 mm.The lamps are s..
Ex Tax:32.50лв.
Small folders - menu pads- size 168x225mm- from 4 mm MDF walnut - one-sided veneered- on the face - direct printing with "veneer" and white- on the back - print in white- ring mechanism with 2 rings R13 123 mm, base 17 mm, capacity 8 mm x 18 mm height..
Ex Tax:23.33лв.
A set of 30 unique photo cards for the first most important moments in your baby's life. Great addition to home or professional photo shoots, as well as a gift. The size is A6...
Ex Tax:16.67лв.
Roll banner stand with print on banner film. Dimensions 85x200 cm. The price does not include the preparation of visions for printing. Discounts are possible for quantities...
Ex Tax:90.00лв.
Protective screen - protective barrier made of transparent PET material with a thickness of 0.6 mm and a thin, lightweight aluminum profile.The screen is standing with side legs made of the same aluminum profile.It is extremely stable and suitable to be placed directly on the ground.Light, comfortab..
Ex Tax:90.00лв.
Set of mandatory stickers ANGLES MORTS - 5 pcs.
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Mandatory ANGLES MORTS stickers for all motor vehicles over 3.5 tons in France. High quality printing on reflective foil.Marking: the first front meter of the vehicle / Tractor and Trailer / from left and right and at the rear of the trailer on the right, at a height between 0.90 and 1.50 meters fro..
Ex Tax:20.83лв.
The Stand for A6 format brochures is made of transparent plexiglass with a thickness of 2 mm. Simple design...
Ex Tax:6.25лв.
Men's or women's T-shirt with the print "National Assembly"100% cotton..
Ex Tax:10.00лв.
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